Friday, April 30, 2010

Birthday Shopping with Claire

Claire's birth day is Sunday and she will be 4. I think I enjoy 4 and 5 year olds the most, every stage and age is an adventure, but there's just something about 4 and 5. I was blessed to get to spend a lot of time with Bella and Brennan when they were those ages. That may have decided it for me as a favorite age. Sometimes on Thursdays I get to pick up Claire after school at Adobe Montessori and we get some "Nana Time". Well, that's what we got yesterday. These photos show some of what we did. We shopped for a hat and flowers to make part of the costume she will wear at her Operetta on May 8, 2010. After we shopped, designed and made the hat together, I wanted a picture. One picture turned into several photo shoots. We went outside to get a few came back downloaded them and she said, "Let's take some more", well on a "Nana day" the g-kids get to do most of what they want. So we had fun running in and out of the house and downloading pictures after each shoot. I've shared just 3, but that Claire, she's got the moves and poses. About the post title, "Birthday shopping for Claire", it involved in order getting pretzel bites at the mall, going to Macy's to look for nana shoes, (we aborted, just wasn't fun enough). Next we went to the store of her choice to buy what she wanted. Her choices were "Claire's", and Build a Bear. It was a hard choice, but quickly made. When she said, "I want to go to both" and I told her to pick just 1, she immediately said, "Claire's". Claire may forget this day shopping, but I won't. We spent a long time in Claire's looking at everything way more than once. She finally made her choices, A musical jewelry box with a twirling ballerina that plays "Swan Lake" and a necklace with a flower, to wear the day she preforms the "operetta", as a flower. Oh, Claire, you are my joy, my flower and my current favorite (almost) 4 year old.