Friday, February 27, 2009

The 5 Why's


Just this week while making a chocolate cake with Claire and Bella I had a conversation with Claire that went something like this:  Claire, "Nana I do it", (referring to putting in all the ingredients) Nana "ok Claire, we'll take turns.  Then it begins, Claire, "why Nana?"  Nana, "because when there's three people that's how we make a cake together."  Claire, "why Nana?" Nana, "because it's more fun if we to work together."  Claire, "why Nana?" Nana, "we decided to do something fun and we all thought baking a cake together would be fun."  Claire, "why Nana?"  Nana, "because I LOVE YOU."
Claire, "why Nana"?  Nana, "because you're Claire"......
And with that we had communicated. 

The Ford Motor Company has something called the 5 why's of communication.  It's a process they use to make sure everyone understands what is most important and why they do what they do.

I find joy at this stage of life answering the whys.  (it's much easier when you're the Nana)  Once again we are taught by the best and the brightest, (toddlers) the art of communication.